Sports Oxy Shot

Sports Oxy Shot Is A Nutritional Supplement That Has Been Derived From Nasa Technology And Is The Result Of Several Years Of Research And Development.
It Is 100% Natural, Manufactured Without The Use Of Dangerous Chemical Compounds.
It Contains Only De-ionised Water, Atlantic Sea Salt And At Least 150,000 Parts Per Million (15% V/v) Diatomic Oxygen At Manufacture.
It Is An Oxygen Supplement Containing Bio-available Diatomic Oxygen In An Aqueous
Water & Saline Solution
A World Breakthrough In Providing A Ph Balanced Oxygen Supplement Of 8.2 To 8.6.
The Ingredients Are:
Bio-available Diatomic Oxygen Minimum 15% V/v At Manufacture (150,000 Parts Per Million).
0.021% Atlantic Sea Salt
De Ionised Water To 100%

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